Intelligent Automation™ solutions for every aspect of electric vehicle production.

Assembly and Test Systems


  • Body Assembly
  • Closure Assembly and Installation
  • Battery Tray Assembly
  • Battery Tray and Cover Leak Test
  • Battery Assembly and Test
  • Electric Motor Assembly and Test
    • Hot and Cold Stator Continuity, Surge and Hipot Testing Equipment
    • Electric Rotor Back Electromotive Force Testing Equipment
  • Fuel Cell Stacking and Pressing Automation
  • Electric Drive Unit Assembly and Test
  • End of Line Testing
  • Industrial Parts Washers
  • Material Handling Automation
  • Space Manager® Palletizing Automation
  • Final Assembly Systems


  • Flexible and fully connected systems
  • Scalable processes that can be easily upgraded to higher volumes
  • Joining technologies for lightweight and multi-material assembly
  • Part washers and leak test machines tailored to EV components
  • Collaborative robot integration
  • Monitoring and data acquisition

Product Experience

  • Body-in-White
    • Structural Sub-Assemblies
    • Body Framing
    • Closures
  • Electric Motors and Components
  • Electric Drive Units (EDU)
  • Stator Housings
  • Batteries
  • Battery Trays
  • Fuel Cells
  • Transmissions
  • Transmission Cases
  • Converter Housings
  • Differential Cases
  • Valve Bodies
  • Gears
  • Front and Rear Axles and Components
  • Suspension Assemblies and Components
Electric Vehicle Propulsion System Translucent 3D Image Iso

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