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Intelligent Automation

We help companies build amazing products.

Connected, optimized, predictive and agile production solutions that help leading manufacturers succeed.

Products and Solutions

Valiant TMS Automotive Body in White Underbody Welding and Assembly Line
Valiant TMS Automotive Body in White Roller Hemming System - Multi-Material Liftgate - Aluminum and Magnesium - E.R. St. Denis
Valiant TMS - Automotive Powertrain - Cylinder Head Rotary Leak Test Cell
Valiant TMS - Automotive Powertrain - Crankshaft - ValuFlex® Robotic Flexible Washer - Wash Station with Water Hammer Nozzle
Valiant TMS - Automotive Final Assembly - Marriage Station and Conveyors
Valiant TMS - Aerospace - Engine Component - Intelligent Manufacturing Cell
Valiant TMS - Automotive Door Ring Gage Fixture
Valiant TMS - Mold - Automotive
Valiant TMS - Valco - Transmission Cases for Heavy Equipment
  • Welding and Joining Systems
  • Engineered Hemming Solutions
  • Automation, Assembly and Test Systems
  • Parts Washers and Deburring Systems
  • Final Assembly and Conveyor Systems
  • Aerospace Assembly Systems
  • Tools, Jigs, Fixtures and Gages
  • Molds and Tooling Technology
  • Heavy Industry Components

System Integration Expertise

A trusted partner for over 60 years

A full-service Industry 4.0 system integrator with teams strategically positioned around the world, leading the way in digitalization, process development, design and technology integration.
Technician using merged reality headset

Powered by People

Our people define who we are as a company.

Empowered with the freedom to innovate, our people develop creative solutions to complex manufacturing challenges.
Manufacturing team members inspecting wired connections.

Let’s work together.

Learn how we can help you boost productivity.

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