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We're a global company powered by people working together to be the most trusted partner in delivering intelligent automation and tooling solutions for companies that mobilize the world.

We help companies build amazing products.

We design, build and integrate intelligent industrial automation systems that adapt to evolving product designs, new materials and flexible production requirements. We’re an Industry 4.0 system integrator with teams strategically positioned around the world that provide engineering services, equipment and support whenever and wherever our customers need us.

Find out how we can help you.

Valiant TMS The Next Industrial Revolution Is Here
Valiant TMS - Merged Reality - Microsoft HoloLens Technician comparing digital and physical tool models

Know How

60 years, thousands of people, millions of experiences.

That’s a lot of knowledge.

We’ve been designing and integrating automation and tooling for a long time. We know what works, what doesn’t, and why. It doesn’t mean we’ve stopped learning — we learn new things everyday. It means we have expertise gained through experience — a lot of it.

Today, we thrive in a digital world. We’re able to leverage mountains of information like never before. Efficiency combined with knowledge lets us provide exceptional value to our customers.

Welding and Joining Production Systems

From automotive body in white production to commercial vehicle assembly, our flexible automation systems and smart work cells help OEM’s and Tier-1 suppliers bring their products to life while adapting to rapidly changing technology and consumer demands.

Engineered Hemming Solutions

Joining inner and outer panels is a critical process that significantly affects function and vehicle appearance. With decades of experience in the art and science of hemming and metal-forming, our team works directly with OEM’s to make sure their product designs can be manufactured without compromise.

Automation, Assembly and Test Systems

Intelligent automation solutions for manufacturing and testing the most dependable, clean and efficient propulsion systems and components that power today’s leading aircraft, automobiles, commercial vehicles and heavy equipment.

Industrial Parts Washers

Industry-leading technology and equipment ready to be configured to your specific environment and cleanliness requirements. Our reputation in industrial parts washing and deburring is built on strong customer partnerships and the experience that comes with hundreds of successful installations around the world.

Final Assembly and Conveyor Systems

Final assembly and conveyors systems that provide the fit, function and finish required to roll vehicles off the production line and into the showroom.

Aerospace Assembly Systems and Tools

Discover new, efficient ways of manufacturing and servicing aircraft through the use of automation.

Molds and Tooling Technology

Competitive pricing, exceptional quality and innovative solutions are just a few reasons why 50 percent of our business comes from repeat customers.

Heavy Industry Component Production

Providing fabrication, machining, metrology and finishing services to the worlds leading heavy industry companies. We specialize in custom and lower production components ranging in size from small to large, delivered on time with superior craftsmanship.

How can we help you?

Looking for information or expert advice? Our team is ready to assist.
Valiant TMS sales account manager working on laptop.
Valiant TMS manufacturing team members inspecting wired connections.

Powered by People

Our people define who we are as a company.

Empowered with freedom to innovate, our people develop creative solutions to complex manufacturing challenges using the latest technologies; in other words, they help our customers solve problems large and small.

Can you see yourself on our team?

We aim to be a place where inventive and passionate people want to work.
Valiant TMS manager in the manufacturing plant.

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Let’s discuss your specific requirements.

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