Automotive Assembly and Test: Electric Drive Unit and Transmission

Automatic End-of-Line Test Bench

The electric drive unit (EDU) provides propulsion for electric vehicles and consists of the electric motor, transmission, and sophisticated electronics.

The automatic end-of-line test bench validates the function of electric drive units and transmissions, providing qualification ahead of final vehicle assembly.

Valiant TMS - Automotive Propulsion - Electric Drive Unit End of Line Test Bench


  • Flexibility to test multiple product models
  • Testing capabilities up to 750Kw (1,000 hp)
  • 8000Nm (6,000 lb-ft) torque
  • DC battery simulator with regeneration
  • NVH measurement and analysis system
  • CAN bus control interface to the electric drive unit


  • Up to 1200V, 1500A battery simulator with regeneration provides the EDU with clean DC battery power rectified from the AC source.
  • Up to 1000KW, 10,000 N-m absorber motors with torque measurement gauges absorb and report EDU output speed and torque, comparing commanded torque versus actual torque.
  • A large cast base for mass damping with tuned vibration absorption pads for noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) features a Valiant TMS exclusive integrated NVH measurement package that monitors harmonics and EDU vibration during testing.
  • Data acquisition cabinet and electronic control unit (ECU) simulator collects all measurement data and commands the EDU in place of the vehicles’ ECU (via CAN bus control interface).
  • Includes sophisticated and highly-customizable tools and utilities for detailed diagnostics.
  • An automated lubrication system fills the EDU with automatic transmission fluid (ATF), recirculates to maintain temperatures, and monitors pressures.
  • Fully automatic electrical connections, with noise isolation to ensure a reliable connection, and pogo pins for easy service.
  • Zero-leak water and coolant connections.
  • Integrated water chiller cools the EDU during testing and features an optional pre-fill leak check.


ApplicationPassenger cars and light trucks
Equipment Weight18,000 – 36,000 kg (40,000 – 80,000 lbs)
Equipment DimensionsUp to 7m x 2.5m x 2.5m (275” x 98” x 98”)*
Floor Foundation RequirementsNo special requirements; isolation pads decouple vibration from plant floor
Power Requirement3-phase, any voltage or frequency
Air Requirement4 BAR / 60 PSI
PLCSiemens, Rockwell, or Omron preferred
Noise LevelUnder 78 dB
Cycle Time25-second material handling, testing duration determined by application
Load/Unload ConditionsFully automated (conveyor, robot) or manual cart
FlexibilityTest multiple variants with optional spindle tool changer for different spline and output shaft sizes, and modular cartridges
Industry 4.0 ReadyCondition monitoring, data acquisition and archiving, and communication with MES

*May vary by application

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