Engineered Hemming Solutions

Joining inner and outer panels is a critical process that significantly affects function and vehicle appearance. With decades of experience in the art + science of hemming, our team works directly with vehicle OEM’s to make sure the final closure design can be manufactured without compromise.

Hem Process Development

Our dedicated team of hemming experts get involved in the early stages of product development in order to ensure optimum results. Complete flange and snap studies are conducted in 3D so potential challenges are overcome in the virtual space prior to die development.

  • Product feasibility studies
  • Part and product development
  • Processing and design
  • Hem die development
  • Prototype development
  • Metal coordination
  • Vertical integration

Vertical Integration

We offer complete vertical integration services:

  • Program management
  • Tool engineering and design
  • Controls design and integration
  • Purchasing
  • Automation and tool manufacturing
  • Automated hemming equipment
  • Dimensional control
  • Quality loops

Metal coordination between:

  • OEM Vehicle Engineering
  • OEM Stamping Plant
  • OEM Assembly Plant
  • Stamping Die Supplier

High Volume Production

  • Multiple robots synchronized for higher throughput
  • Flexible tooling to support multiple models
  • Die change automation
  • Lower capital investment compared to traditional hemming methods
  • Automatic load/unload

Low Volume Production

  • Single robot
  • Dedicated tooling
  • Automatic, semi-automatic or manual load/unload

Robotic Roller Hemming

Roller hemming combines standard industrial robots equipped with a standard roller hemming head that follows the contour of the outer flanges of a sheet metal component, optimally hemming it over an inner panel which is precisely nested in a die. Our flexible process offers numerous advantages over traditional techniques including reduced capital investment costs with superior dimensional quality.

Roller Hemming Heads

Standard roller heads for all typical applications:

  • Basic heads (single roller, no load monitoring)
  • Flexible heads (multiple rollers with load monitoring)
  • Custom head design for unique applications

Press Hemming

Our press hemming solutions offer great speed and deliver high quality results every time.

Hem Die Sets 

Hem Die Sets are an economical hemming alternative and are compatible with hydraulic and electric presses. The use of standard sub-assembled components reduces the overall manufacturing cost.

Hemming Equipment

  • Robotic Roller Hemming
  • ValuFlex® 4+1 Flexible Multi-Model Roller Hemming
  • High Speed / High Volume Roller Hemming Process
  • Electric Press Hemming
  • Table Top Hemming
  • Clinching
  • Hem Dies
  • Automatic Hem Die Changers

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