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Valiant TMS Celebrates 65th Anniversary

Valiant TMS is proud to announce a remarkable milestone in our company’s history — our 65th anniversary!

As we celebrate, we reflect on the contributions of our skilled and dedicated team members, valued partners, and the support of our customers — all of whom have made this journey possible.

From our humble origins in a small Windsor, Ontario, Canada, tool shop in 1959 to our evolution into a global automation system integration company with over 1,500 team members in 20 locations across 10 countries, Valiant TMS has been driving production efficiency for the world’s leading companies and fostering generations of engineers, skilled trade technicians, business professionals, and manufacturing leaders worldwide.

The key to success has been adaptability. The company has faced numerous challenges, such as changing market conditions, economic recessions, evolving customer needs, and industry-wide transformation. One thing has remained constant: our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Valiant TMS has evolved with its customers, most recently embracing the automotive industry’s transformation toward an electric future. Our skilled and innovative workforce allowed us to pivot and develop expertise in new technologies and develop new products and processes that support evolving vehicle production requirements.

We continue to serve automotive customers in traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) manufacturing and have developed systems to automate the production of electric vehicle (EV) components, such as batteries, battery trays, electric motors, and converter housings, with innovative and efficient methods to automate cleaning, assembly, and testing.

Modern vehicle bodies have also evolved and are composed of multiple material types that are stronger to improve safety and lighter to reduce emissions, improve fuel economy, and increase electric vehicle range. Valiant TMS has been at the forefront of integrating world-class automated body assembly systems for customers in the automotive and commercial truck sectors, developing innovative techniques, flexible processes, and standard products that help our customers achieve their production goals.
Our company also continues to provide solutions to the aerospace, heavy equipment, infrastructure, and energy industries. Precise tools used in aircraft assembly, automated systems producing modern composite utility poles, and our contributions to the Gordie Howe International Bridge between Canada and the US are a few highlights that demonstrate the diverse skills, ingenuity, and depth of knowledge of our team.
We believe in our people and their capabilities to care for our customers, which is why we place so much importance on our values: integrity, customer enthusiasm, sustainability, equality and diversity, collaboration, and innovation. These guiding principles govern every aspect of our business and will continue to help us achieve success, laying the foundation for a bright future.
Here’s to 65 years of innovation, growth, and success. Thank you!

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