Laser Welding Prototyping


Get to market faster, with confidence.

Valiant TMS helps engineers and product designers validate part designs and develop manufacturing strategies early, avoiding costly production delays. Our capabilities include joining engineering, prototype tooling development, process validation, and prototype production in our fully-equipped laser lab.

Joint Types

  • Laser Welding
  • Laser Brazing
  • Remote Laser Welding
  • Direct Laser Welding


  • Steel
  • Aluminum

Laser Lab Equipment

  • Fanuc R-2000iC/165F
Laser Resonators
  • Coherent HighLight FL-ARM 8000W 4/4 FFC
  • IPG YLS-BR 6000W Trifocal
  • IPG YLS-S2T 6000W
Application Heads
  • Scansonic ALO3
  • II-VI Highyag RLSK 2.1
Wire Feeding System
  • Abicor Binzel MFS
Power Source
  • Lincoln Electric Power Wave® R350

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    Instant access to experts and equipment

    Our laser welding technology and integration experts have experience commissioning full-scale production lines with the know-how to manufacture parts exactly as designers and engineers imagined them.

    We’ve invested in world-class equipment and provide our services to companies across all industries.

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