Washer Module: Vacuum Dry

The vacuum dry module is part of a complete industrial part washing system. It is essential when subsequent processes, such as leak testing, require complex cast parts to be dry inside and out.

The vacuum dry is a secondary drying process, typically following a primary air knife blow-off process.

After loading the clean part, the vacuum bell chamber closes, creating a sealed environment. A vacuum pump reduces the pressure inside the bell chamber, vaporizing moisture from part surfaces, internal cavities, and blind holes, ensuring absolute part dryness.

Valiant TMS - Automotive Propulsion - Industrial Parts Washer Module - Vacuum Dry


Typical applications for the vacuum dry include cast aluminum or cast iron parts used in vehicle propulsion systems in the automotive and e-mobility, aerospace, and heavy equipment sectors.

The vacuum dry can process parts up to 750 mm x 475 mm x 750 mm (29.5” x 19” x 29.5”) in size. 

Product experience includes:

  • Electric Drive Unit Case
  • Electric Drive Unit Housing
  • Transmission Case
  • Torque Converter Housing
  • Valve and Solenoid Body
  • Cylinder Block
  • Cylinder Head


The vacuum dry process can also be engineered for use in custom applications.


  • Ensures 100% part dryness — inside and out
  • Operates within the existing system cycle time
  • FEA-optimized structure ensures safety and longevity
  • Integrates into new or existing systems

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