Washer Module: Mist Collector + Vapor Condenser

The mist collector + vapor condenser module, part of a complete industrial part washing system, improves plant air quality and reduces water consumption. Typically connected to the exhaust pipe of an industrial parts washer, it captures up to 75% of the humidity from the process house and recycles it back to the wash tank. At the same time, a filter removes small particulates and aerosols from the exhaust stream (η 95% on particles > 0.3 μm, < 0.5 mg/m3 aerosols on exit).

It boasts complete stainless steel construction, a long service life, minimal maintenance requirements, and easy access to internal components.

Valiant TMS - Automotive Propulsion - Industrial Parts Washer Module - Mist Collector + Vapor Condenser


  • Mist and vapor control for industrial parts washers


  • Improves plant air quality and operator environment
  • Returns up to 75% of the humidity back to the wash tank, reducing water consumption
  • Efficient electric pump-back of recovered water
  • Integrated automatic rinse system

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Washer Module: Mist Collector + Vapor Condenser White Paper

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