Valiant TMS 60 Anniversary Image

Evolving Our Brand at 60

As we celebrate our 60th year in business, we’re excited to introduce a new, streamlined company logo and visual identity as our global brand evolves.

The logo is simple, modern and adaptable to a wide range of applications. More importantly, the design combines Valiant TMS into a unified wordmark and amplifies the fact that we are one global company. It’s a visual expression of who we are and where we’re heading. We’re proud of our history and deep roots, so our aim was to modernize our logo, not re-invent it.

From our roots in a small Windsor tool shop, we’ve grown into a global automation company serving a wide range of industries and customers. As we reflect on our history, we’re also excited about our future as we embrace the digital transformation of manufacturing and continue to be a trusted partner in developing and integrating intelligent automation solutions that help companies build amazing products.

We believe that first and foremost, our brand is built on the positive experiences that our people create for our customers, suppliers and communities. Our new visual identity will make these experiences easily identifiable.

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