Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is the bedrock of our culture. We recognize that we have a responsibility to our employees, suppliers, customers, community, and environment. Our philosophy is based on the tradition of giving and sharing — two things that are primary to the quality of life.

Valiant TMS will actively support and participate in charitable and volunteer activities that promote social, economic, and educational development throughout the communities in which we operate.

Valiant TMS encourages its employees to be involved in volunteer activities that improve or help our communities.

Business Ethics

It has always been and continues to be the intent of Valiant TMS that its employees conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standards of integrity, honesty, respect, trust, and fairness. As a company, we continually strive to operate within accepted and relevant laws of every local, national and international jurisdiction in which we conduct our business.

Valiant TMS expects all its employees to contribute to a respectful, professional, and ethical working environment through their actions on a day-to-day basis.

Health and Safety

Valiant TMS is totally committed to the health and safety of all employees and other parties working for or visiting any of our facilities. We make a continuing effort to provide a safe and healthy work environment and to prevent accidents, injuries, occupational diseases, and other potential hazards inherent in the working environment.

Human Rights and Basic Working Conditions

Valiant TMS follows all human rights laws within the jurisdictions in which we operate and in doing so, we support the principle that all people are treated in a fair and equal manner.

Harassment and Discrimination

Valiant TMS is committed to maintaining a positive working environment, free from any form of harassment and/or discrimination for all its employees, customers, and suppliers. No employee, customer, or supplier should be subjected to any type of unwelcome verbally or physically offensive conduct. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy in this regard.

Valiant TMS prohibits discrimination of any employee or candidate for employment on any grounds, including race, ancestry, place of origin, color, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, age, a record of offenses, marital status, same-sex partnership status, family status, or disability.

Valiant TMS will not permit retaliation against anyone who brings forward a complaint of harassment or discrimination and will take appropriate action against anyone who does.

Equal Opportunity and Pay Equity

Valiant TMS strives to offer equality of opportunity to all current and future employees and to refrain from discrimination on all grounds when making employment decisions. Valiant TMS respects the principle of “equal pay for work of equal value.”

Youth Workers

Valiant TMS promotes the safety and protection of our children and in doing so, does not employ children, except as part of a government-approved youth training or apprenticeship program.

Forced Labor

Valiant TMS does not utilize practices involving the use of forced labor and we will not knowingly do business with companies that do. Valiant TMS requires that all employees entering into employment with the company or our suppliers do so of their own free will.

Hours of Work

Valiant TMS operates in compliance with the applicable laws, provisions, and agreements with industry standards regarding working hours and the treatment of overtime.


In order to promote the well-being of our employees and their families, Valiant TMS will ensure that wages and benefits paid will be competitive.

Training and Education

Valiant TMS strongly supports all types of training and career development programs to improve and enhance the performance and skills of our employees. Our employees are encouraged to grow and develop professionally.

Minority Sourcing

The Valiant TMS Group of Companies fully embraces the strategic imperative to identify, develop and grow long-term minority suppliers as an integral part of its supply base.

Conflict Materials

Valiant TMS promotes socially responsible and ethical sourcing by making reasonable efforts to identify and trace the source of any Conflict Minerals contained in Valiant TMS products. Valiant TMS strives to avoid knowingly using Conflict Materials or products containing Conflict Materials from sources in identified conflict regions, such as the Democratic Region of the Congo and surrounding countries that fund or support inhumane treatment, including human trafficking, slavery, forced labor, child labor, torture, and war crimes and to facilitate compliance with applicable regulations that mandate the disclosure of Conflict Mineral sources contained in Valiant TMS products.