Directional Letter GVAE-J1S7cS

Quality Bulletin VQB-20190130-2

Bulletin Objective

To communicate that Directional Letter GVAE-J1S7cS has been reviewed internally at Valiant TMS and determined that it does not impact Valiant TMS Quality System (policies, procedures, work instructions or forms).

Bulletin Scope

  • Applies to BIW, Ford, Program U625 and beyond, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for Coded Rail Power Roll Beds (PRB) and Turn Tables (TT)
  • Internally to Valiant, it applies to all departments involved with the components described above

The Directional Letter was sent internally by Project Management on Jan 28, 2019 and its content is repeated below for convenience:

“This Direction Letter serves as an update to the previous Direction Letter of September 15th, 2017.

  • VFD’s to be used for Coded Rail Power Roll Beds (PRB) and Turn Tables (TT) shall follow the specification in the program statement of work (SOW).
  • Any exception will require an approved deviation.

Any questions/concerns, please consult your VO Design/Follow-up engineers.”

Approved by: Agnes Krol, Director of Global Quality

For more information, please contact your Valiant TMS Quality Representative

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